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Improve the prompts for skipping network tests.

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rcaputo committed Nov 3, 2006
1 parent b41a716 commit e29297b1fc89163f60a3bf5621a417f8bdb1ea29
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@@ -28,8 +28,6 @@ unless (grep /^--default$/, @ARGV) {
"Prompts may be bypassed by running:\n",
" $^X $0 --default\n",
- "\n",
- "Only necessary modules will be installed by default.\n",
@@ -39,15 +37,10 @@ unless (grep /^--default$/, @ARGV) {
# Should we skip the network tests?
my $prompt = qq|
-POE's test suite requires a functional network.
-However, we can skip those tests requiring network
-access if you would like.
+Some of POE's tests require a functional network.
+You can skip these tests if you'd like.
-Would you like to skip the network tests?
-$prompt .= "(Any text other than Y or y will be taken as a no)";
+Would you like to skip the network tests?|;
my $ret = "n";
if (grep /^--default$/, @ARGV) {

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