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@@ -86,11 +86,23 @@ POE's test results are large and constantly changing. They have been
moved to the web site for easier maintenance. POE is tested severely
before even the limited-distribution development releases.
-Please report test failures. POE's ongoing improvement relies on
-feedback from its users.
+If you experience test failures, please report them. POE's ongoing
+improvement relies on feedback from its users. The easiest
+way to do that is included in the POE distribution itself. The
+Makefile includes two targets: 'testreport' and 'reportupload'.
+Running 'make testreport' will run the test suite and generate
+an XML file summarizing the test results named 'poe_report.xml'.
+If you have an active non-proxied internet connection, running
+'make reportupload' will transmit your test results to the
+POE test server. If you do not have a non-proxied internet
+connection, go to and upload the
+poe_report.xml file using the form on that page.
+Uploaded test results can be viewed at
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