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Commits on Jun 15, 1999
  1. Revised all the manpages. Split the manpages into separate PODs, and

    put them at the end of each module.  Rewnote the overview,
    added some ASCII art, and threw away the "Design Goals" and related
    hype.  Removed POE-TODO and POE-HINTS manpages.
    Updated the README to be more readable.  Moved the mailing list and
    web site information there.  Should either or both change, stale
    information won't rot in a thousand manpages around the world.
    Removed design notes from the ends of Kernel and Session, because docs
    go there now.  Moved them to POE-TODO, which is now not included.
    &POE::Session::create was broken-- I'm not sure how it worked to begin
    with.  Fixed.
    Revised the POE::Filter::HTTPD documentation to follow the rest of the
    manpages' format.
    (!!!) Minor interface change.  &POE::Session::option can now fetch
    session option values without changing or deleting them in the
Commits on Mar 23, 1999
Commits on Feb 3, 1999
  1. updated for 0.06

Commits on Jan 28, 1999
  1. updated

Commits on Dec 4, 1998
Commits on Nov 26, 1998
  1. dunno why

Commits on Nov 23, 1998
  1. reinvented it all again

Commits on Aug 26, 1998
Commits on Aug 25, 1998
Commits on Aug 18, 1998
Commits on Aug 16, 1998
  1. Initial revision

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