Commits on Jul 28, 2001
  1. update coverage results

    committed Jul 28, 2001
  2. Added get_one_start() and get_one() tests for discrete filters: Map

    and Grep.
    Added tests for Filter::Stackable's stack management methods: push,
    pop, shift, unshift, filter_types, and filters.
    committed Jul 28, 2001
  3. Added tests for get_one_start().

    committed Jul 28, 2001
  4. Added several new tests.

    committed Jul 28, 2001
Commits on Jul 27, 2001
  1. Fix some indenting. Whee!

    committed Jul 27, 2001
  2. Add support for get_one_start() and get_one() to Wheel::ReadWrite. It

    only uses these methods if the input wheel supports them.  Otherwise
    it falls back to the older, faster, but more dangerous get().
    committed Jul 27, 2001
  3. Add get_one_start() and get_one() for the alternate ReadWrite wheel

    reading method.  Switching to/from this filter should be robust now.
    committed Jul 27, 2001
  4. document change dependencies

    committed Jul 27, 2001
  5. document change dependencies

    committed Jul 27, 2001
Commits on Jul 26, 2001
  1. develop some of the ideas herein

    committed Jul 26, 2001
Commits on Jul 25, 2001
  1. Revert const and enum constants back to Perl constant subs. Profiling

    and coverage testing will be slower (and maybe less accurate), but
    this is a necessary step towards a POE::Session::Base class and
    inheritable session types.
    committed Jul 25, 2001
  2. Add Windows compatibility constants to the symbols that must be

    cleared from POE::Kernel's namespace between tests.
    committed Jul 25, 2001
  3. Wrap getpriority() and setpriority() calls in an eval block so they

    don't kill programs running where those syscalls aren't supported.
    Namely Windows.
    committed Jul 25, 2001
  4. socketpair() doesn't seem to do the right thing for Windows systems; …

    …force pipes to use IO::Socket::INET instead on Windows
    committed Jul 25, 2001
  5. Enhance runtime error messages so they show the absolute line number

    in the macro definition file where the error occurs.  Developers
    should be able to jump to that line in the file and reach the
    offending code.
    committed Jul 25, 2001
  6. add Windows testing information

    committed Jul 25, 2001
  7. move ARG0..ARG9 so they match NFA's, and document that they need to b…

    …e the same in both kinds of session
    committed Jul 25, 2001
  8. fix Solaris 8 test information

    committed Jul 25, 2001
  9. documented an alternative signal propagation and handling scheme; doc…

    …umented an alternative to yield()
    committed Jul 25, 2001
Commits on Jul 18, 2001
  1. fix tests so Kernel::ASSERT_DEFAULT doesn't cause missing state warni…

    …ngs. I'd used missing states on purpose, and now they're noisy!
    committed Jul 18, 2001