Extended options for POE::Wheel::Run - Implementation #11

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Redirection can be applied to stdio filehandles

If events are not defined for stdio output pipes, the pipes will be closed

stdin remains open by default, unless explicitly requested to be closed during construction - this is because users may wish to write to stdin, but not care to have a flushed event.

Redirection can be to either a filename or open file handle.

See related pull request for poe-test-loops which contain extra tests for this feature

mnunberg added some commits Dec 15, 2011
@mnunberg mnunberg Allow ::Run to discard stdio file descriptors
- Std{in|out|err}Event no longer required
- Stdio file descriptor discarded for each stdio
    which lacks a corresponding event (except read)
- Added option to not open stdin
- Added option to redirect stdio to/from other filenames or filehandles

- Corresponding fix needed for test-loops
@mnunberg mnunberg Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' 8135cbf
@mnunberg mnunberg STDIN stays open by default 08f674c
hinrik commented Dec 20, 2011

Tests? :)


See the corresponding pull request for poe-test-loops

hinrik commented Dec 20, 2011

Ah, neat.

@rcaputo rcaputo merged commit f7e9580 into rcaputo:master Mar 10, 2012
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