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package Reflex::Sender;
#ABSTRACT: The _sender access object
use Moose;
use Scalar::Util qw(weaken);
has senders => (
is => 'ro',
isa => 'ArrayRef',
traits => ['Array'],
default => sub { [] },
handles => {
'get_first_emitter' => [ 'get', 0 ],
'get_last_emitter' => [ 'get', -1 ],
'get_all_emitters' => 'elements',
sub push_emitter {
my ($self, $item) = @_;
push(@{$self->senders}, $item);
# TODO - If we weaken the senders, they can go undef if their
# objects are otherwise destroyed. This is kind of upsetting to the
# message recipient, so I've strengthened them (temporarily?) to
# explore the semantics. -- Rocco
no Moose;
=head1 NAME
Reflex::Sender - API to access the objects an event has passed through
Reflex::Sender provides a simple API to gain access to the sources of emitted
=head1 Public Methods
=head2 get_first_emitter
The original source of an event can be accessed with this method
=head2 get_last_emitter
The final emitter (the one the observer was explicitly watching) can be
accessed with this method
=head2 get_all_emitters
If the first nor the last are insufficient, the whole stack of emitters can be
accessed (returning a list) using this method
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