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Know Moose.
It helps to know Moose basics.
If you can't get around in Moose, getting round in things that use Moose will be harder.
It's probably quicker to spend some time in Moose first, rather than learn two things at once.
Does it need to be a role or a class?
You're going to write a thing.
That thing is either going to be a role or a class.
It might be a class that's made up of roles you write.
A lot of Reflex is like this.
Because the quanta of Reflex code are reusable patterns too.
When to make it a role.
Is it a low-level quantum of reusable patterny goodness?
Should users be able to combine it with more than one other reusable pattern?
Multiple inheritance can be messy.
Consuming roles is a common way to avoid inheriting from multiple classes.
When to make it a class.
It's a high-level entity?
Will people tend to subclass it rather than want to compose it?
Will it not be inherited along with other things?
Remember, it's cool to inherit a single class and consume some roles.
Will it be a class and a role?
Create the role first.
Consume it in a very basic class.
The class glues a dynamic API onto the role.