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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# vim: ts=2 sw=2 noexpandtab
# This test attaches an event emitter to its watcher at the time the
# emitter is created. This is more concise than discrete watch()
# calls, and it can be combined with watch() to support multiple
# event consumers per emitter.
# Moose provides opportunities for more concise APIs, as we'll see.
use warnings;
use strict;
use lib qw(t/lib);
use Reflex::Interval;
use Reflex::Callbacks qw(cb_coderef);
use Test::More tests => 5;
### Create a timer with callbacks.
# We don't need a discrete watcher since we're not explicitly calling
# watch() on anything.
my $countdown = 3;
my $timer;
$timer = Reflex::Interval->new(
interval => 0.1,
auto_repeat => 1,
on_tick => cb_coderef(
sub {
pass("'tick' callback invoked ($countdown)");
$timer = undef unless --$countdown;
ok( (defined $timer), "started timer object" );
### Allow the timer and its watcher to run until they are done.
pass("run_all() returned");
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