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Start an intro outline based on Q&A with triddle.

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+Know Moose.
+ It helps to know Moose basics.
+ If you can't get around in Moose, getting round in things that use Moose will be harder.
+ It's probably quicker to spend some time in Moose first, rather than learn two things at once.
+Does it need to be a role or a class?
+ You're going to write a thing.
+ That thing is either going to be a role or a class.
+ It might be a class that's made up of roles you write.
+ A lot of Reflex is like this.
+ Because the quanta of Reflex code are reusable patterns too.
+ When to make it a role.
+ Is it a low-level quantum of reusable patterny goodness?
+ Should users be able to combine it with more than one other reusable pattern?
+ Multiple inheritance can be messy.
+ Consuming roles is a common way to avoid inheriting from multiple classes.
+ When to make it a class.
+ It's a high-level entity?
+ Will people tend to subclass it rather than want to compose it?
+ Will it not be inherited along with other things?
+ Remember, it's cool to inherit a single class and consume some roles.
+ Will it be a class and a role?
+ Create the role first.
+ Consume it in a very basic class.
+ The class glues a dynamic API onto the role.

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