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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# Given a snaalyze sqlite database, automatically try to recognize
# tags, branches, and subprojects.
use warnings;
use strict;
use lib qw(./lib);
use Getopt::Long;
use SVN::Analysis;
use Log::Any::Adapter;
use POSIX qw(strftime);
use Log::Any qw($log);
my ($help, $analysis_db, $verbose);
my $getopt_okay = GetOptions(
"help" => \$help,
"analysis=s" => \$analysis_db,
"verbose" => \$verbose,
if ($help or !$getopt_okay) {
"$0 usage:\n",
" --analysis=FILENAME location of snanalyze sqlite database\n",
" --help you're soaking in it.\n",
die "$0: --analysis=FILENAME required\n" unless (
defined $analysis_db and length $analysis_db
die "$0: --analysis path ($analysis_db) doesn't exist\n" unless (
-e $analysis_db
die "$0: --analysis path ($analysis_db) must be a file\n" unless (
-f $analysis_db
min_level => ($verbose ? 'trace' : 'warning'),
formatter => sub {
my ($file, $line) = (caller(1))[1,2];
$file =~ s!.*/!!;
"%s - %5d %s - %s",
strftime('%F %T', localtime()), $line, $file, $_[1]
### Load the Subversion analysis.
$log->trace("Attaching to database.");
my $analysis = SVN::Analysis->new(db_file_name => $analysis_db);
$log->trace("Finding tags, etc.");
$log->trace("Fixing copy targets.");
sub get_entity_hint {
my ($path, $rev_first, $op_first, $rev_last, $op_last, $is_modified) = @_;
# Returns (entity type, entity name, prefix to remove, prefix to prepend);
# Prefixes to remove must not end in path separators.
# Branches and tags.
return("branch", "branch-$2", $1, "") if (
$path =~ m!^(branch(?:es)?/([^/]+))(?:/|$)!
return("tag", "tag-$2", $1, "") if (
$path =~ m!^(tags?/([^/]+))(?:/|$)!
return("branch", "master", $1, "") if (
$path =~ m!^(trunk)(?:/|$)!
# Special project paths. Nothing to do.
# return("branch", "proj-root", "", "") if (
# $path =~ m!^[^/]+/(trunk|tags?|branch(?:es)?)$!
# );
# Project directories.
return("branch", "proj-$2", $1, "") if (
$path =~ m!^(([^/]+)/trunk)(?:/|$)!
return("branch", "proj-$2-branch-$3", $1, "") if (
$path =~ m!^(([^/]+)/branch(?:es)?/([^/]+))(?:/|$)!
return("tag", "proj-$2-tag-$3", "$1", "") if (
$path =~ m!^(([^/]+)/tags?/([^/]+))(?:/|$)!
# Catch-all. Must go at the end.
return("branch", "master", "", "");
=head1 NAME
snassign-auto - Automatically assign tags and branches in a snanalyze index.
snassign-auto --analysis index.sqlite3
snassign-auto converts paths in the snanalyze index database into tags
and branches according to some simple rules:
Anything in /trunk is considered to be in the "master" branch.
Anything in /tag or /tags is considered to be a tag. Tags that are
subsequently altered will be treated as branches, however, since git
doesn't permit edits within true tags.
Anything in /branch or /branches is considered to be a branch.
However, any branches that aren't modified will subsequently be
converted to tags.
The rules are encoded in get_entity_hint() within snassign-auto. To
define new rules, it's expected that you copy snassign-auto and modify
=head1 USAGE
=head2 --analysis DB_FILENAME
The location of the SQLite database holding the index. Required.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<App::SnerpVortex> - Main documentation for Snerp Vortex.
L<SVN::Dump> - Subversion dumps are parsed by SVN::Dump.
snanalyze - Analyze a Subversion dump, and produce an index database
for other tools to process.
snassign-gui - Graphical snanalyze index browser. Future plans will
allow users to assign branches and tags by hand. Requires Gtk.
snauthors - Extract a basic authors.txt file from a Subversion dump.
snerp - Convert a Subversion repository to a flat filesystem or Git.
Uses the snanalyze index, with help from the snassign tools, to
intelligently branch and tag as it goes.
Snerp Vortex is Copyright 2010 by Rocco Caputo and contributors.
It is released under the same terms as Perl itself.
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