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Mobile Logger

Record location, heading, speed, altitude, accelerometer, sound level, trip duration and distance to storage on the device. Each log can be viewed on a map and individual samples inspected. Export logs via e-mail in CSV, JSON or Golden Cheetah format. Data can be automatically uploaded while recording as well.

Created by Robert Carlsen in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

Mobile Logger is written in JavaScript using the Titanium Appcelerator Framework.

Available on the App Store

Basic Documentation

Begin logging

  • Open the MobileLogger application
  • If a previous log was interrupted, an alert will appear asking if you would like to continue that log.
  • Set the Logging switch to On.
  • An alert will appear asking if you would like to continue the previous log or begin a new log.
  • When finished logging, toggle the Logging switch to off.
  • During logging, the dashboard display may be hidden by double-tapping the screen. This may help to reduce battery drain and will lessen the chance of stopping a log accidentally. Double-tap to reveal the dashboard again while hidden.

Viewing Logs

  • Tap the Logs tab button
  • Logs will display in chronological order with the newest logs at the top.
  • Select a log to display details
  • Swipe a log row to delete

Log Details

  • A summary map displays the start and end points of a log.
  • Trip distance, duration and average speed appear below.
  • Click on the detail button in the map to reveal a fullscreen version with a sampling of the log data displayed as pushpins on the map, depicting the trip route. Each pushpin can be tapped to show speed and sound level (if recorded) at that point.

Exporting Logs

  • Navigate to the log detail page
  • Click the Action button at the upper right of the Nav bar
  • An email composition window will appear with the log file attached

Uploading Logs

  • The Auto-upload feature will send the most recent samples of a currently recording log to the MobileLogger server every 10 seconds.
  • This server is located at
  • The log data uploaded will be used for a thesis research project in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.
  • Disable the Auto-upload option to decline to participate in the project.

By default, logs contain a unique identifier for each device. It may be omitted by enabling the “Anonymous Export” option.

Note: This is a battery-intensive application. A 30 minute ride may use 10-15% of the battery (on a 3GS device).


Log location, heading, speed, altitude, accelerometer, sound level, trip duration and distance on iPhone and Android.







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