VarScoper integration for Sublime Text 2
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Sublime Varscoper

Sublime Text 2 plugin to verify scoped variables in the active CFC/CFML file.

It relies on Mike Schierberl's VarScoper tool.

Two function are provided:

  • Run this file on VarScoper : open a browser pointing VarScoper passing the active file as parameter
  • Highlight VarScoper violations : highlights lines containing unscoped variables

Due to VarScoper issues, highlighted lines may not always be correct.


Manual installation

Go to your Packages subdirectory under Sublime Text 2 data directory:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2
  • Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-2

and extract there the sublime_varscoper folder.


By default, VarScoper is searched at this URL:


you can define a custom location for varScoper.cfm by creating a key in the user preferences file: