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Custom OA4MP Portal implementation for AARC Pre-Piloting
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The AARC master-portal is an implementation of the MasterPortal component, which is used as a caching component in front of the online CA, see e.g.
It is based on a customised version of the OA4MP.

For release notes and important upgrading information, see


The Master Portal is both an OA4MP Client and a Server. From the perspective of the VO Portal (Science gateway), the Master Portal is an OA4MP Server. From the perspective of the RCauth Delegation Service the Master Portal is an OA4MP Client. The Master Portal caches long lived user proxies into its backend MyProxy Crendential Store, and returns short lived proxies on demand for authenticated users via the VO Portal.
Additionally, it provides an endpoint for uploading SSH public keys, which can subsequently be used to obtain, e.g. on the commandline, short-lived proxy certificates by ssh-ing to a special account on a co-located SSH host.


  1. You first need to compile and install the two RCauth-adapted dependency libraries

    1. security-lib (RCauth version)
    2. OA4MP (RCauth version)

    Make sure to use the same version (branch or tag) for both the security-lib and OA4MP components.
    For the 0.2.0 series of the aarc-master-portal, you must use the 4.2-RCauth versions.

  2. Checkout the right version of the aarc-master-portal.

     git clone
     cd aarc-master-portal
     git checkout v0.2.0
     cd master-portal
  3. Build the master-portal's server and client war files

     mvn clean package

    After maven has finished you should find two separate .war files in their target directories, one for the MP Server and one for the MP Client:

  4. Build the master-portal's server command line client

     mvn -pl master-portal-common,master-portal-server -P cli package

    After mvn has finished you should find the resulting cli .jar file in the target directory:


    NOTE: The cli tool is necessary for managing and approving client (Portal) registrations.
    Also note that you need this version of the cli tool, as opposed to the one coming from the OA4MP component.

Other Resources

Background information:

Demo clients:

Related Components:

  • Delegation Server.
  • Demo VO portal
    this component can run inside the master portal's tomcat container, providing a demonstration client portal to the Master Portal.
  • SSH key portal
    this component can run inside the master portal's tomcat container, leveraging the Master Portal's sshkey upload endpoint.
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