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Any issues with this cookbook should be raised here:

Please title the issue as follows:

[glance]: <short description of problem>

In the issue description, please include a longer description of the issue, along with any relevant log/command/error output.
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Please see the contribution guidelines for more information about contributing to this cookbook.


Installs the OpenStack Image Repository/Server (codename: glance) from packages. Optionally populates the repository with some default images.


The Glance cookbook currently supports file, swift, rbd (ceph) and Rackspace Cloud Files (swift API compliant) backing stores.

NOTE: changing the storage location from cloudfiles to swift (and vice versa) requires that you manually export and import your stored images.

To enable these features set the following in the default attributes section in your environment:


"glance": {
  "api": {
    "default_store": "file"
  "images": [
  "image_upload": true


"glance": {
  "api": {
    "default_store": "swift"
  "images": [
  "image_upload": true

Cloud Files

"glance": {
  "api": {
    "default_store": "swift",
    "swift_store_user": "<Cloud Files Tenant ID>:<Rackspace Cloud Files Username>",
    "swift_store_key": "<Rackspace Cloud Password>",
    "swift_store_auth_version": "2",
    "swift_store_auth_address": ""
  "images": [
  "image_upload": true


"glance": {
  "api": {
    "default_store": "rbd"
  "images": [
  "image_upload": true

To obtain your Cloud Files Tenant ID use the following: curl -s -X POST -d '{"auth": {"passwordCredentials": {"username": "", "password": "<Rackspace Cloud Password"}}}' -H "Content-type: application/json" | python -mjson.tool | grep "tenantId.*Mosso" | head -1

If you are hosted at Rackspace, you may also want to set node["glance"]["api"]["swift"]["enable_snet"] = "True"


Chef 0.10.0 or higher required (for Chef environment use)


  • CentOS >= 6.3
  • Ubuntu >= 12.04


The following cookbooks are dependencies:

  • database
  • dsh
  • keystone
  • mysql
  • openssl
  • osops-utils





  • Includes recipes api, registry


  • Handles keystone registration and glance database creation


  • Installs the glance-api server


  • Installs the glance-registry server


  • Drops in cron job to sync glance images when running 2 node HA setup w/ file storage


  • Drops in all config files for api and registry. Gets included by other recipes
  • Installs common packages

Data Bags



  • `glance["use_debug"] = "False"
  • glance["services"]["api"]["scheme"] - http or https
  • glance["services"]["api"]["network"] - Network name to place service on
  • glance["services"]["api"]["port"] - registry port
  • glance["services"]["api"]["path"] - URI to use when using glance API
  • glance["services"]["api"]["cert_override"] - For SSL - Custom location for cert file
  • glance["services"]["api"]["key_override"] - For SSL - Custom location for key file
  • glance["services"]["registry"]["scheme"] - http or https
  • glance["services"]["registry"]["network"] - Network name to place service on
  • glance["services"]["registry"]["port"] - registry port
  • glance["services"]["registry"]["path"] - URI to use when using glance registry
  • glance["services"]["registry"]["cert_override"] - For SSL - Custom location for cert file
  • glance["services"]["registry"]["key_override"] - For SSL - Custom location for key file$
  • glance["db"]["name"] - Name of glance database
  • glance["db"]["user"] - Username for glance database access
  • glance["service_tenant_name"] - Tenant name used by glance when interacting with keystone - used in the API
  • glance["service_user"] - User name used by glance when interacting with keystone - used in the API
  • glance["service_role"] - User role used by glance when interacting with keystone - used in the API
  • glance["api"]["default_store"] - Toggles the backend storage type. Currently supported is "file" and "swift", defaults to "file"
  • glance["api"]["swift"]["store_container"] - Set the container used by glance to store images and snapshots. Defaults to "glance"
  • glance["api"]["swift"]["store_large_object_size"] - Set the size at which glance starts to chunnk files. Defaults to "200" MB
  • glance["api"]["swift"]["store_large_object_chunk_size"] - Set the chunk size for glance. Defaults to "200" MB
  • glance["api"]["rbd"]["rbd_store_ceph_conf"] - The location of ceph.conf [/etc/ceph/ceph.conf]
  • glance["api"]["rbd"]["rbd_store_user"] - the name of the rbd user [glance]
  • glance["api"]["rbd"]["rbd_store_pool"] - the name of the rbd pool [images]
  • glance["api"]["rbd"]["rbd_store_chunk_size"] - the chunk size to use with the rbd client [8]
  • glance["api"]["rbd"]["rbd_store_pool_pg_num"] - the number of pgs to use when creating the pool [1000]
  • `glance["api"]["cache"]["image_cache_max_size"]`` - Set the maximum size of image cache. Defaults to "10" GB
  • glance["api"]["notifier_strategy"] - Toggles the notifier strategy. Currently supported are "noop", "rabbit", "qpid", and "logging", defaults to "noop"
  • glance["api"]["notification_topic"] - Define the rabbitmq notification topic, defaults to "glance_notifications"
  • glance["image_upload"] - Toggles whether to automatically upload images in the glance["images"] array
  • glance["images"] - Default list of images to upload to the glance repository as part of the install
  • glance["image]["<imagename>"] - URL location of the image. There can be multiple instances of this line to define multiple images (eg natty, maverick, fedora17 etc) --- example glance["image]["natty"] - ""
  • glance["replicator"]["interval"] - Define how frequently replicator cron job should run
  • glance["replicator"]["checksum"] - The git checksum to use when downloading the tool
  • glance["replicator"]["rsync_user"] - System user to use when copying glance images with rsync
  • glance["replicator"]["enabled"] - Enable/disable the replicator script (boolean)
  • glance["platform"] - Hash of platform specific package/service names and options


  • glance-api-paste.ini.erb - Paste config for glance-api middleware
  • glance-api.conf.erb - Config file for glance-api server
  • glance-registry.conf.erb - Config file for glance-registry server
  • glance-registry-paste.ini.erb - Paste config for glance-registry middleware
  • glance-cache.conf.erb - Config file for glance image cache service
  • glance-image-sync.conf.erb - Config for glance-image-sync cron
  • glance-logging.conf.erb - Logging config for glance services
  • glance-scrubber.conf.erb - Config file for glance image scrubber service
  • policy.json.erb - Configuration of ACLs for glance API server

License and Author

Author:: Justin Shepherd (
Author:: Jason Cannavale (
Author:: Ron Pedde (
Author:: Joseph Breu (
Author:: William Kelly (
Author:: Darren Birkett (
Author:: Evan Callicoat (
Author:: Matt Thompson (
Author:: Andy McCrae ( Author:: Kevin Carter (

Copyright 2012-2013, Rackspace US, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.