Commits on Jan 4, 2017
  1. Disable SNMP hardening check

    This patch disables the V-38660 hardening check for SNMP and updates
    the comments in the `` script to reflect the changes.
    V-38660 checks to see if any SNMPv1/v2 configurations exist. If they
    exist, the playbook halts. This is highly disruptive for production
    Connects: rcbops/rpc-openstack#1616
    major committed Jan 4, 2017
  2. Remove duplicated ansible.cfg configurations

    This patch removes duplicated Ansible configurations that match OSA's
    defaults. The ssh timeout was left in the file since it differs from
    the OSA default (120 seconds in RPC vs 5 seconds in OSA).
    RPC previously set forks at 15 for all deployments, but OSA uses a
    safer mechanism to determine the maximum amount of forks. It sets a
    hard limit of 10 but it lowers that limit to the maximum amount of
    CPUs in the system if the CPU count is under 10.
    Connects rcbops/rpc-openstack#1639
    major committed Jan 4, 2017