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+# VMDK Conversion
+There are generally two pieces to the VMDK conversion, the first being
+image format conversions, and the second being making the resulting
+image bootable on OpenStack.
+Our biased installation of OpenStack is based on KVM, so we'll target
+that for a conversion.
+In this directory is a shell script ( that will do
+conversion from vmdk to qcow2 with no other effort at conversion.
+This approach will work for pretty much all the linux, as most linux
+from this generation have proper kvm/virtio drivers and whatnot. So
+just converting format to qcow2 is probably enough to boot a windows
+box on OpenStack.
+Windows, of course, is a different train wreck. For some reason,
+Microsoft hasn't seen fit to add the KVM virtio drivers to the Windows
+base install (why not?!?!), so it is necessary to inject those drivers
+into the converted image.
+The script is a start on that process. It is not yet
+complete, but is sufficient to inject drivers and make a system image
+bootable. It does not yet do glance uploads.

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