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VMDK Conversion

There are generally two pieces to the VMDK conversion, the first being image format conversions, and the second being making the resulting image bootable on OpenStack.

Our biased installation of OpenStack is based on KVM, so we'll target that for a conversion.

In this directory is a shell script (convert.sh) that will do conversion from vmdk to qcow2 with no other effort at conversion. This approach will work for pretty much all the linux, as most linux from this generation have proper kvm/virtio drivers and whatnot. So just converting format to qcow2 is probably enough to boot a windows box on OpenStack.

Windows, of course, is a different train wreck. For some reason, Microsoft hasn't seen fit to add the KVM virtio drivers to the Windows base install (why not?!?!), so it is necessary to inject those drivers into the converted image.

The script convert.py is a start on that process. It is not yet complete, but is sufficient to inject drivers and make a system image bootable. It does not yet do glance uploads.