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A classic ASP unit framework for helping in testing classic asp code.
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Classic ASPUnit

A classic ASP unit framework for helping in testing classic asp code.


Instantiate the context:

set testContext = new aspUnit

Create a test case:

set oTest = testContext.addTestCase("User Administration")

Make assertions:

oTestMethod.AssertExists usersDB, "optional message override: {1}" ' accepts a wildcard marks for the parammeters
oTestMethod.AssertIsA usersDB, "testDB", "" ' leave blank for default message

You can also create test setups and teardowns to be executed before and after each test for a Test Case:

sub testSetup()
    set usersDB = new testDB

    usersDB.TableName = "users"

    set newUser = new User = 1 = "Bob"

    usersDB.add newUser
end sub

sub testTeardown()
    set usersDB = nothing
end sub

... and then pass the method names for the Test Case:


This would work too:

oTest.Setup("myGlobalObject.MyMethod(1, ""param2"", true)")

Warning: This uses Execute to run the code and will accpect any executable code string like "myVar = 1" or "myFunction() : myOtherFunction()"

To run and get the results of the tests:

set results =
results.Update ' This will update the test counters for passed, failed and errors

Then you can have access to the results and write any view you want:

Response.Write "Test Cases: " & results.TestCases.Count & "<br>"
Response.Write "Tests runned: " & results.Tests & ", "
Response.Write "Tests passed: " & results.Passed & ", "
Response.Write "Tests failed: " & results.Failed & ", "
Response.Write "Tests errored: " & results.Errors & "<br><br>"

' loop the testCases
for each testCase in result.TestCases.Items
    Response.Write "-> Test Case: " & testCase.Name & "(" & testCase.Status & ")<br>"

    ' loop the tests
    for each test in testCase.Tests.Items
        Response.Write "--> Test: " & test.Name & "<br>"
        Response.Write "----> " & test.Output & "(" & test.Status & ")<br>"

There is a template view with the source in the test folder.

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