Changelog: 8.x.x Releases

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RCE 8.2.2 - Red Snapper (released at 30 May 2018)
  • Upgraded external librariers (Apache MINA, SSHD) to fix an SSH connection issue that occurs due to changes in Java version 8u161
RCE 8.2.1 - Red Snapper (released at 24 May 2018)
  • Fixed a bug in the Optimizer component. Lower and upper bounds were not applied properly when using the input data type Vector
  • Minor fix in the TiGL Viewer process handling
  • Minor logging and other internal improvements
RCE 8.2.0 - Red Snapper (released at 02 February 2018)
  • Added a new workflow component 'XML Values' to read and write values from XML files
  • Improved UI support for exporting simulation data into projects
  • Fixed a performance issue in complex workflows with nested loops

SSH and Remote Access
  • Restored the default SSH inactivity timeout of 10 minutes which was accidentally set to 10 seconds in 8.1.0
Tool Integration
  • Added the missing 'Queue' input handling to dynamic inputs of integrated CPACS tools
  • New workflow component: XML Values
  • Enhanced the XPath chooser dialog
  • OutputWriter: Added UI support to set the root location relative to the current workspace
  • OutputWriter: When writing to a workspace relative root location a placeholder makes the location explicit; relative paths without this placeholder will be rejected in RCE 9 and later.
  • Added 'Import...' and 'Export...' menu entries to the file menu
  • Added the Command Console to the views that are openen by default with a fresh profile
  • Integrated PDF viewer (PDF4Eclipse): Set a different default renderer to enhance compatibility
  • Improved the sorting options of the Workflow Data Browser
  • Improved the Timeline view to avoid zooming and refreshing issues
  • Added Workflow Data Browser support for exporting to the currently selected folder in the Project Explorer
  • Fixed and improved the automatic separation of host and port when filling in the network connection dialog using copy-and-paste
Documentation and Help
  • Updated and improved the developer guide regarding Eclipse formatter settings and the Workspace Mechanic plugin
  • Fixed a performance issue with nested loops that caused workflows with large numbers of inputs/outputs to slow down drastically, sometimes resulting in time outs
  • Script components are now also properly reset within nested loops between loop iterations
  • Improved stability when shutting down RCE instances quickly after their startup
  • Added an internal BDD test scripting feature (still under development) with basic documentation
  • Added "--use-default-workspace" launch option for skipping the GUI workspace chooser dialog
  • Various improvements to the "Instance Management" feature (still in development), e.g. proper handling of aborted downloads
  • Improved TiGLViewer process handling to prevent UI freezes on first start
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of workflows with nested loops if there was a high number of connections between the components within the nested loop.
  • Fixed some rare unit test failures
  • Various code quality, log output, and build process improvements
RCE 8.1.1 - Red Snapper (released at 17 November 2017)
  • Internal improvements to enhance building RCE as an external developer
  • Improved and expanded the user and developer guides
  • Fixed bugs in fault tolerant loop's button activation and runtime behavior
  • Fixed a bug that caused tools and workflows executed via SSH connections to create an additional (incorrect) directory level when writing to an output
  • Fixed a bug in CPACS Tool Integration that caused tool imitation mode not to work properly
  • Several minor fixes
RCE 8.1.0 - Red Snapper (released at 14 July 2017)
  • Bidirectional connections in a workflow are now separated to improve visual clarity
  • Added a dialog for profile selection at start up ("rce -p"), which also supports changing the default profile
  • Dropped support for 32-bit operating systems

Workflow Editor
  • Enhanced zooming capabilities
  • Changed depiction of bidirectional connections to two separate lines
  • Added functionality to export the workflow as an image file
  • A small icon in a component indicates if it runs "Local only" or in "Tool imitation run mode". That icon is now also shown in Runtime Workflow Editor.
DOE Component
  • Added capability to receive the table for custom table design method as input at runtime
Driver Components
  • Start values of forwarding inputs can now be declared as constant
Tool Integration
  • CPACS Tool Integration: Fixed logical path of output file existence check
  • Enhanced templates for CPACS tools
SSH / Remote Access
  • Fixed temporary SCP folders not being deleted after Remote Access sessions
  • Added option to customize the SSH session timeout (which must be set for RA tools that run longer than the default of 10 minutes)
  • Added a dialog to select a profile to start with (command line: "rce -p")
  • Improved error handling during startup
  • Fixed a startup crash issue when starting several RCE instances at once
  • Reduced disk activity on startup
  • Fixed a bug which assigned the wrong owner to a log file during installation of the RCE daemon
  • Fixed a bug which erased the selected target execution instance during a workflow update
  • Fixed an issue in the network view (Published components' subtree was not shown in some cases)
  • Fixed handling of expanded states of nodes in the Network View and Workflow Data Browser
  • Temporary files for remote tool access are now cleaned up after successful execution
  • Added an Eclipse-style popup for successful exports from Workflow Data Browser
  • Major changes to the source repository structure and the handling of external binaries (Dakota/TiGLViewer)
  • Completely removed support for 32-bit builds (which were only disabled before) for maintainability
  • Eliminated the need to copy the Dakota binaries to a temporary location on every start
  • Migrated the build process to JDK 8 and Maven >= 3.2.0 (which are now also required for building RCE)
RCE 8.0.2 - Red Snapper (released at 07 March 2017)
  • Fixed a bug in the CPACS Tool Integration which resulted in a failed output mapping, if the CPACS tool was configured to "Use a new working directory on each run" and to "Copy tool to working directory on each run" and the "Only run on changed inputs" feature was enabled
  • Fixed a bug in the CPACS Tool Integration which prevented the correct forwarding of additionally cached values, if the "Only run on changed inputs" feature was enabled
  • Minor adjustments to debug and log messages
RCE 8.0.1 - Red Snapper (released at 16 December 2016)
  • Fixed a bug in Script component's help which showed another component's help
  • Fixed a bug when deleting forwarding inputs of driver components (Converger, Design of Experiments, Optimizer, Parametric Study)
  • Fixed a bug in the Design of Experiments component where design values were not stored correctly in the data management. As a result the nodes "table.csv" and "result.csv" in the Workflow Data Browser showed wrong content. Nevertheless the correct design values were sent to the workflow.
RCE 8.0.0 - Red Snapper (released at 06 December 2016)
  • Semi-automated workflow execution: Added capability to make workflow execution semi-automated, i.e. a tool integrator can approve or deny tool results before they are sent further to succeeding workflow components
  • Workflow Editor: Added capability to move components and labels before or behind each other
  • Removed 32-bit version of RCE from the build process so they are not available anymore
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

Workflow Editor
  • Added loop level information of inputs/outputs to their respective tables of workflow driver components
  • Added a read-only version of the Workflow Editor to inspect workflows from the Workflow Data Browser
  • Added capability to move components before or behind each other. The same holds for labels. Components are always placed "before" labels
  • Tool Run Imitation Mode:
    • Tools that are configured to run in the Tool Run Imitation Mode, are now marked with a small "I" and have a blue background color
    • Tool Run Imitation Mode can be enabled and disabled via the component's context menu
  • Added F1 help for connections, the workflow editor and workflow labels
  • Enhanced properties of workflow labels, e.g. adding an optional header for every label
  • Fixed caret positioning in workflow labels
  • Fixed a bug with undo/redo in combination with component endpoints
  • Design of Experiments: Added output "Number of samples"
  • Evaluation Memory: Added capability to be used in nested loops
  • Optimizer: Added capability to load default values in the "Algorithm Properties" dialog
  • OutputWriter: Improved error handling when writing files with names which are forbidden by the operating system
  • Parametric Study and Design of Experiments: In case the workflow is cancelled they now stop sending design values. It caused problems in case they are used without any loop
  • Parametric Study: Fixed a bug that caused the ordering of the results in the Workflow Run editor to become inconsistent
  • Parametric Study: Fixed issues with descending sampling
  • Script: Added a validation consistent indentation usage. Only either whitespaces or tabs are allowed as mixing them caused problems
  • SQL components: Removed deprecated components SQL Reader, SQL Writer and SQL Command. For accessing databases the Database component can be used.
  • TiGL-Viewer: Fixed an issue that caused RCE to freeze occasionally
  • XML Merger: User specified messages using the XSLT command xsl:message are now displayed in the Workflow Console
Tool Integration
  • Added support to select the shell that is used to execute commands in the Linux execution window
  • Added capability to use properties as placeholders in the scripts. They are defined on the properties page
  • Fixed a bug with tool and working directory relative root paths
  • Fixed a bug when using iteration directories
  • Fixed a bug when adding a new launch setting to tool configuration
  • Added a constraint that working directories must be absolute because relative ones caused problems in some setups
Workflow Data Browser
  • Data types of inputs now show the converted data type instead of the original one in case of conversion. Additionally a hint about the conversion is shown.
  • Added a marker to the icon of a component in case the component run failed
  • Fixed "Refresh selected" hotkey
  • Fixed unintuitive behavior when expanding leaf nodes via double click
Workflow Execution
  • Removed the "Loop done" approach for nested loop configuration, i.e. the user does not have to add a connection between loop drivers anymore to estabilish a nested loop setup
  • Added capability to make workflow execution semi-automated, i.e. a tool integrator can approve or deny tool results before they are sent further to succeeding workflow components
  • Fixed a bug that caused the timestamp in a workflow run name to get broken, so all subsequent workflow runs had the same name in the workflow data browser
  • Changed the behavior when saving passwords: When you uncheck the "save" option and execute the workflow the saved password will be discarded
GUI Misc
  • When starting RCE in headless mode the splash screen is now automatically disabled
  • Added an option to copy the full path of resources in the Project Explorer via its context menu
  • Added line numbers to script text fields, i.e. in the Script component, Cluster component and the Tool Integration wizard
  • Enhanced layouts of the property views of Script component, workflow labels and components of integrated tools
  • Added a validation for the configured python executable location
  • Added a validation report that is shown when a workflow to be executed contains validation errors
  • Moved validation code to backend
SSH/Remote Access
  • Replaced regular expression-based SSH roles with predefines ones
  • Added an option to include system information (average CPU load, free RAM) in tool list queries; that is useful for monitoring and load balancing
  • Fixed an issue where clients could not connect to a server if their system clocks were out of sync
  • Instances in a network now recognize when another instance in the network was restarted, which ensures consistent behavior
  • Made the network more robust in case of duplicate instance identifiers (which can occur when profile folders are mistakenly copied and reused)
  • Added support for splitting each instance into multiple "logical" instances. As a first use case, this is used to ensure consistent behavior when forwarding components via SSH Remote Access.
  • Reduced management overhead when forwarding workflow console output in larger networks
  • Updates are now fetched via HTTPS
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Removed 32-bit versions of RCE from build process
  • Added the capability to send e-mails (useful in conjunction with semi-automated workflow execution)
  • Added the capability to start RCE from an arbitrary working directory
  • Fixed a minor shutdown issue that had no impact but caused warnings in the log
  • Scripts can handle Infinity/NaN values
  • Fixed a bug when using outputs of type "not a value"
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

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