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Skull and Bones - Kotlin platform type usage marker
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Skull and Bones - Kotlin platform type usage marker

Slightly exaggerated marking tool to avoid relying on Platform Types in Kotlin code.

Download Version 0.2

Install the plugin zip file by opening the plugins preferences in your IntelliJ or Android Studio and clicking the Install plugin from disk...

Platform type in a nutshell

When invoking Java code from Kotlin it is sometimes unknown if the type is Nullable. For example a getter could be called that has no @Nullable or @NonNull annotation. That type is called a platform type, sometimes denoted by an exclamation mark. E.g. String! for the platform String type.

The current version of the Kotlin compiler hopes for the best and allows the platform type to be treated as non-null. Sometimes that hope is shattered by an IllegalStateExceptions when at runtime the assumed value is null.



Also the code analyser can help reduce the platform type dangers. Check out the Kotlin inspection, it will give out a weak warning when using platform types.

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