DSC resources to install and configure Windows Admin Center (WAC)
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Windows Admin Center DSC

Documentation Status

Note**: This works only with Windows Admin Center 1812 insider preview and above.

This module contains a set of resources to install Windows Admin Center (WAC) and configure WAC feeds, extensions, and connections.

DSC Resource Name Description
WacSetup Installs Windows Admin Center. This is a composite resource and enables options to change the port and certificate thumbprint to a local certificate instead of a self-signed certificate.
WacFeed This resource supports adding and removing WAC extension feeds.
WacExtension This resource supports installing and uninstalling WAC extensions.
WacServerConnection Use this resource to add Windows Server for management within WAC.
WacHciConnection Use this resource to add Windows Failover Cluster for management within WAC.
WacClusterConnection Use this resource to add HCI Cluster for management within WAC.

For complete documentation, see https://windowsadmincenterdsc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.