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Rholang Syntax Highlighting Files and Plugins

By: Alpheus Madsen

Files and Plugins developed for writing and compiling RChain contracts using Rholang.

While we are working on a browser-based IDE hosted in Electron (code-named Rhover) for working with Rholang, we don't expect everyone to want to use this IDE. Thus, we have developed some almost-proof-of-concept-ish files to help with these environments. This repository is going to consist of directories that include files for the various platforms.

This repository is going to be added to and updated sporadically, whenever we have an itch that we'd like to address. Ultimately, we expect the Rholang community to contribute plugins for their favorite platforms. If anything, this will likely be a good spot to gather those tools as they come into existence.

Each supported development platform is represented by a directory, which will have the files organized in a way that the platform expects them. Information about those files are to be kept here.

Alpheus created the Vim and Emacs files in part because he prefers to work on the command line, and in part, to get a feel for what the syntax of Rholang is like, and how it can be supported by various platforms...their development will likely be the result of how much Alpheus gets to experiment with an use Rholang. (As much as he'd like to develop "Rhover" in Rholang, he understands it's going to be more practical to program it in JavaScript for now...)

Supported Platforms

In this repository:



Rholang syntax highlighting in Vim and Emacs.




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