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RChain Bounty Program

explainer video: 1:17

In Aug 2017, the RChain Cooperative president, Greg Meredith, dedicated funds to a distributed budget and reward system for working together. We call the participants RAMs: RChain Active Members. The rewards are intended to

  1. build a thriving open source developer community
  2. involve the creative community in telling the RChain story

We consider it fair if the value you provide towards our goal is proportional to the value you receive. All decision making is transparent and decentralised. Every RAM is free to...

  • Create new tasks (represented as issues in github) that they think will contribute towards achieving the goal.
  • Vote on budgets for task issues — this values how much solving that issue will contribute towards the goal.
  • Vote on what portion of the budget should be rewarded to each person that worked on executing the task issue.

Please briefly introduce yourself.

See CONTRIBUTING for details of the process for voting etc.

Some important things that new RAMs should be aware of:

  • Be a self-starter :: because there is no boss, nobody is going to tell you what to do. Being a RAM is much more like being an entrepreneur than it is like being a employee.
    • The greeter issues can help you find someone to show you around initially.
  • Think for yourself :: RAMs work together like a swarm of insects does... but we need to avoid herd-thinking. We rely on independent thinking, and speaking up when you think we're going the wrong direction. Independent thought makes the coop stronger.
  • Get things Done :: We value the guy that steps up and executes. Having opinions is easy, but doing the work is hard.
  • Morals matter :: The crypto space is a wild-west landscape, where it's our own job to figure out our moral standards, and stick to them. We believe in transparency, openness, and fairness. But it’s ultimately up to our members to create and guard those values.
  • Be nice to each other :: Most of our work happens online, distributed, remote. Be nice to each other, and easy to forgive. Even if you disagree, remember that we're all working towards the same goal.

Email Support is available.