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RChain Decentralized Reward System

Collaboration and bounty app video explainer video: 1:17

In Aug 2017, the RChain Cooperative president, Greg Meredith, dedicated funds to a distributed budget and reward system for working together.

README is a more general overview; these are the specifics of the process.

Operation Manager (ops, @lapin7, HJ) administers the system. The process evolves with experience; stay tuned to bounty-contract issues.

Membership in the RChain Cooperative is required for later parts of the process (govern issues, set budgets and rewards, access to documents), but to create an issue, all you need is a GitHub account so that you can create or collaborate on work items represented by rchain/bounties github issues.

  1. request a Github collaborator role from @lapin7 in one of the comm channels, or mail, to get an invite
  2. then confirm the collaboration invite for the repository rchain/bounties
  3. become a member of for getting access to our documents
  4. fill out form RChain Active Member Registration

Decentralized Budget Allocation

Voting and collecting rewards by RChain Active Members (RAM), requires verified membership in the RChain Coop.

RHOC are distributed monthly based on invoices.

The setting of budgets and rewards runs from the 8th of the month to the 8th of the next month. At the 8th of the month the state of budgets and rewards is frozen and the process repeats for the next month. Take the work done in April for example. No changes can be made anymore to either budgets or rewards after the 8th of May. The settings for May start at the 9th of May.

Budgets are allocated to work items by at least three trust-certified Members. The average of three votes defines the budget.

Use the RChain Bounty Budget and Rewards app to vote. See How To Use the Budget Rewards Web app for illustrated instructions.

Decentralized Reward Allocation

  • During the month each RAM may vote on what portion of the budget is distributed to each RAM as a reward for their participation. The average of (at least three) votes from trust-certified Members sets the personal reward for each RAM.
  • As a last resort after negotiation over budgets and rewards, a participant loses their whole month's reward if there is a quorum (10x weight) of slashing votes against him/her on any issue.

Again, see How To Use the Budget Rewards Web app for illustrated instructions.

Invoicing, payment, and taxes

The final payment decision is at the discretion of the Operations Manager and Coop Officers. The RChain Cooperative is subject to the tax rules of the IRS in the United States.

  • As soon as the form Declarations is submitted, OPS will prepare a "payment register input" for the Finance team.
  • After the Finance team has checked if the invoice is technically correct, a weekly Tuesday Payment Register will be made.
  • The Tuesday Payment Register serves as source for OPS to suggest payments in the Gnosis Multi Sig wallet.
  • A second signature is needed to execute the payment.
  • The whole process takes weeks to complete.

See Creating an Invoice, including documentation for taxes.


  • Finally management reports will be generated and presented in Debriefings of RChain.

The first monthly cycle was Aug 2017. Ops, (HJ or lapin7) presented this process Aug 30 in RChain Community Debrief 40 (24:06).

Git Workflow: Pull Request Reviews Required

All pull requests in this rchain/bounties repository require review from collaborators. See GitHub documentation about pull request reviews.

Becoming a Member

By joining the Cooperative you will participate in the lively conversation of the RChain community. Members can access the Discord server (no trolls or scammers) with direct access to the developers and governance decision making.


  • Sign up for RChain membership, upload your id document, and pay the $20 membership fee.
    1. registration
  • You will receive an invite link to the RChain Discord.
  • Create a Discord account if you don't have one.
    • On Discord, you can send a message to the @verify bot: /verify
    • The bot responds by querying for the code that was emailed.
    • On success, a 'verifier' will contact you (depending on the time of day this might not be immediate).
    • After passing the verification, your role will be updated to Member.

4 Membership requirements

The RChain representative will check the following:

  1. Membership agreement affirmed
  2. Check the photo of govt issued ID
  3. Verify payment of membership fee
  4. Verify face on live video

Promotion to member role

When the four membership requirements are met and recorded, a discord greeter will promote the user to role member and append a ':' to the member's Discord alias for proof of individuality.

Welcome to the cooperative!

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