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How To Use the Budget Rewards Web App

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A video tutorial to compliment this page is available. You can ask for help in the #bounties channel and report usability issues in #491 too.

Browsing and getting to know the system

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As explained in a short bounty system explainer video and detailed in CONTRIBUTING, budgets are allocated to work items by at least three Members; the average of at least three votes defines the budget. Each Member decides how the budget is distributed over the collaborators as a reward for their participation. The average of at least three reward votes sets the personal reward for each collaborator.

To browse around:

  • Go to the budget/rewards web app at

  • To review budgets, go to the Budget tab. In the "Budget Provisional" column is the average of the current votes for that issue's budget. The "Voter qty" column shows how many members have voted. Once three or more members vote on a budget, the average will appear under "Budget usd" and become the effective budget.

screenshot 2018-03-16 at 5 18 09 pm

The Rewards tab, unlike the Budget tab, shows each contributor for each issue. Each member's reward is voted on as a percentage of the issue's budget. It is strongly recommended that you vote for every member of each issue, not just one individual, in order to ensure every member gets at least three reward votes; similarly to budget votes, if a contributor receives less than three votes, they will not be rewarded.

screenshot 2018-03-16 at 6 18 10 pm

Search by issue number

The normal search box doesn't currently work for finding issues by number. Click on the Num header; a search box opens up; enter the number:

search by issue number

Login using github credentials

Log in to from the top-right tab. If logging in for the first time, hit the green button in the new window.

Connect your Coop Membership

When counting votes, the app only includes those with linked membership. Use the "Verify Coop Memebership" item in the login menu:


Membership costs $20. See Becoming a Member in the RChain FAQ for details.

Voting on Issue Budgets

  • To vote, go to the "Issue" tab.

  • Click the title of the issue for which you want to vote on the budget.

    • Finding issues by numbers is a little tricky; see above.
  • Go to "BudgetVotes"

  • Click "New BudgetVote"

  • In the "Amount" box, type your suggested budget. This amount can be changed until the end of the pay period (each month).

    screenshot 2018-03-16 at 5 19 05 pm

Voting on Rewards for Contributors

  • Click the title of the issue you wish to vote for.
  • In the box on the left labeled "Issue", go to the link for the same issue inside the box.

screenshot 2018-03-16 at 6 25 11 pm

  • Go to the "RewardVotes" tab.
  • Here are all of the votes for rewards on this issue. Click on "New RewardVote"
  • Find the contributor you wish to vote for in the drop-down menu and enter the percent of the budget you are allocating to them.

screenshot 2018-03-16 at 6 26 43 pm


As a last resort after negotiation over budgets and rewards, a participant loses their whole month's reward if there is a quorum of slashing votes against them on any issue. Slashing is done in reward votes, and a quorum is currently 10x weight (see Trust Ratings).


A hypothetical case (originally from #261):

  • Abner's reward is $1200 based on the usual budget an reward inputs on 3 different issues.
  • Baker, a journeyer, decides Abner misbehaved (whether intentionally or not) by mis-representing the contributions of himself or others in a reward vote on issue 737.
  • Baker votes to slash all of Abner's stake for the month by flagging Abner in issue 737.
    • Baker should explain why in a comment on #737 and/or in chat with Abner in discord or the like
  • Charlene, a master, also votes in 737 to slash Abner's stake, which brings the slashing weight to 10.
  • Abner's rewards all go to 0 until he convinces Baker and / or Charlene to retract their slashes (so that the total of slashing votes is below 10x).

Create an Invoice

See Creating an Invoice

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