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Weekly Debrief Index

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Every Wednesday the team joins in a hangout that streams to RChain’s youtube channel.

The Community Debriefs category in the RChain Blog summarizes.

September 12th - Community Debrief 94

  • RSong bug: demo not from the chain yet, but will be as soon as the bug is fixed. Go dev team! We need as many apps on Testnet as possible to ensure stability. RSong deal details will be on GitHub very soon.
  • RCon3: Greg feels very positive. We hit all of our goals but the bug for the RSong demo, we had a presence at Burning Man from a node running in the desert, but the world-class concert had a sadly small audience. Please fill out your surveys for a better RCon in 2019.
  • Medha's Update: Entered sprint 16 and 17, refreshed Testnet on Tuesday while keeping the blockchain state, Rholang team knows issue with show blocks, performance focus, new SRA team, LMDB frying grain first test had great results of 8,000-10,000 comm events per second. Performance specs for validating are estimated at multiple cores and 32G of RAM now but will grow smaller with more performance testing.
  • Phillip on Incentivized Testnet
  • Reflective: Great in-person connections at RCon, deal being closed now, Seattle meetup recorded tonight, difficult to respond to all validator concerns. Reflective not setting policies, but addressing concerns.
  • Pithia: 3 portfolio companies, connecting German Coop with resources we've invested in, blockchain coalition event coming up
  • Essential to Build Apps for stability of the network. Test coverage along won't cut it. Community, please put the network into use.
    • New hire at pyrofex to create and update documentation, which has been a concern for DApp developers.
    • Ned is working with Joshy Orndoff on a Rholang tutorial and building a working group.
  • Managing content on the Chain: Intention to never censor unless there is a regulatory complaint or government involvement. If coop assumes no accountability, then validators are at risk. This is another pointer to having sister cooperatives that are autonomous.
  • RCon Footage should be up in 48 hours: Process review needed

September 5th - Community Debrief 93

  • Kenny's Intro: ~350 attendees at RCon3, lots of great content and presentations happening
  • Greg's Recap of Day 1: Official RChain Europe announcement, state of the chain, RSong demo ('killer' audio app) from the chain, launch of Testnet. Incredible work on the RChain demo
  • Behavioral Types
  • Medha: Launch of Testnet! 35 validators signed the genesis block, block launched smoothly, performance test tomorrow, team looking forward to Node 7 and 8
  • Launch Footage will be up soon
  • Pithia: 4 new companies met in Berlin
  • Bounty System Voting Project

August 22nd - Community Debrief 91

  • Greg Says Thanks
  • Technical Update: Reflections, Node 6.1 is released! Focus on triage every Tuesday, volunteer node testing session Thursday or Friday (as well as regular sessions), please check the dashboard before filing a bug, economics for consensus not yet ready, use cases essential for a clean mainnet. The system needs pressure put on, so validators and testers are much needed! We have a plan for compressing block data before sending, rhoscala team has wrapped up their work and joined the other teams, registration for RCon3 is still open
  • Pithia: Deal with the coop is signed! Lawrence says thanks. 18 companies in the pipeline, 9 gained consideration, materials for a rholang course, AWS partnership
  • Reflective: Validator pricing, all inquiries should have been replied to, introducing Ned Robinson to spin the Solutions Group
  • Bounty System: Unofficial worldwide blog

August 15th - Community Debrief 90

  • Node Testing: What happens in Tuesday Node Testing sessions? Should they be recorded and published, given that IP addresses are shared?
  • Technical Update: Final push to get Node 6 out, RCon3 will see launch of testnet, tips for filing a bug, 78 peers at node testing yesterday, Rholang team working on checking on RHOC balance correctness, discovered 4MB limit on gRPC to be fixed - possibly with compression, chunking, or more frequent block requests, RHOC/REV script will be on GitHub when ready
    • Discussion on limiting contracts able to enter the root shard in order to keep the root shard performant
    • RCon3 scholarships went to all who applied, only conference participants will be invited to the concert
  • Reflective: Tonight in Seattle the Designers of Blockchain meetup is happening, CRM and KYC is coming into place for validator onboarding, website onboarding. Potential validators, email - not just Greg directly.
  • Pithia: At least 20 companies on board with Pithia are mature tech companies choosing to migrate to RChain from other blockchains; Trade Investment Office from the UK on September 15th - mail pitches to
  • H3Uni process went well and refreshed members of the vision, keeping out of "execution mode" Reiterating the vision: rebooting coordination technologies, governance, and social media; Next level down involves rolling out the software and hardware; Next level down,
    1. transaction volume
    2. low transaction rates
    3. rich ecosystem (attractive companies)
    4. "killer app"
  • Jonathan's Updates issue #888 in GitHub to find anyone interested in Oracle services from RChain, weekly climate change/sustainability talks, RChain Asia translation ideas, benefits of RChain membership, onboarding process complications
  • Bounty Update: CoLab server working on Rholang JS, weighted voting systems

August 8th - Community Debrief 89

August 1st - Community Debrief 88

July 25th - Community Debrief 87

  • Technical Update: Performance Testing, Goals, and Metrics. Help wanted on RNode User Guide
  • Reflective: "Govern" closed, Deal Day, Korean and Chinese Validators, Women in Blockchain
  • Pithia: Administrative Trade & Finance in Canada, 5 deals wrapping up, university programs in the works, Deal Day Thursday
  • RChain Europe: Documentation submitted to auditior, bank account, domain name filed
  • Special Board Meeting: "Killer app" bringing audio on the blockchain. Excitement levels comparable to CryptoKitties
  • Marketing: Logo discussion, RChain website to be updated before Berlin, Node setup layman guides, pre-node-testing setup support, underway, onboarded technical evangelist, demos of new releases being discussed, email marketing coming soon. Also, RChain sponsoring Open Coop '18
  • H3Uni: Greg met with board of trustees to collaborate on long-term ideas & change
  • European Developer Site?
  • Financial Update Coming Soon
  • RCon: Exciting program with no fluff coming soon - informational tracks for all different interests

July 18th - Community Debrief 86

July 11th - Community Debrief 85

July 4th - Community Debrief 84

June 27th - Community Debrief 83

June 20th - Community Debrief 82

June 13th - Community Debrief 81

June 6th - Community Debrief 80

May 31st - Community Debrief 79

May 23rd - Community Debrief 78

May 16th - Community Debrief 77

See also RChain blog item.

May 9th - Community Debrief 76

May 2nd - Community Debrief 75

April 25th - Community Debrief 74

April 18th - Community Debrief 73

April 11th - Community Debrief 72

April 4th - Community Debrief 71

March 28th - Community Debrief 70

See also: more notes on debrief 70.

March 21st - Community Debrief 69

March 14th - Community Debrief 68

March 7th - Community Debrief 67

February 28th - Community Debrief 66

February 21st - Community Debrief 65

February 14th - Community Debrief 64

February 7th - Community Debrief 63

January 31st - Community Debrief 62

January 24th - Community Debrief 61

January 17th - Community Debrief 60

January 10th - Community Debrief 59

January 3rd - Community Debrief 58

December 27th - Community Debrief 57

December 21st - Community Debrief 56

December 13th - Community Debrief 55

December 6th - Community Debrief 54

November 29th - Community Debrief 53

November 22nd - Community Debrief 52

November 15th - Community Debrief 51

November 8th - Community Debrief 50

Rholang implementation of the ERC20 Token Standard

Video of Kent demonstrating the Rholang implementation of the ERC20 Token standard

November 1st - Community Debrief 49

Annual RChain Cooperative Membership Meeting - October 24th, 2017

Review and Discussion of the issues up for vote

October 25th - Community Debrief 48

October 18th - Community Debrief 47

October 11th - Community Debrief 46

October 4th - Community Debrief 45

September 27th - Community Debrief 44

September 20th - Community Debrief 43

September 13th - Community Debrief 42

September 6th - Community Debrief 41

September 2nd Newsletter

RChain Newsletter September 2nd | $5M on the First Day

Aug 30 - RChain Community Debrief 40

August 23rd - Community Debrief 39

August 16th Newseltter

Aug 16 Newsletter

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August 16th - Community Debrief 38

August 9th - Community Debrief 37

August 2nd - Community Debrief 36

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August 1st Newsletter

The RChain August 1st Newsletter | E Pluribus Unum 2.0

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July 26th - Community Debrief 35

July 19th - Community Debrief 34

July 16, 2017 News

RChain July 16th Newsletter | Casper Proof of Stake is coming!

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July 12th - Community Debrief 33

July 5th - Community Debrief 32

May 31st - Community Debrief 27

May 24th - Community Debrief 26

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