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Welcome to Open in DH

We are currently peparing a final schedule for the workshop and a list of supporing resources. We welcome reading and case study examples from attendees and anyone interested in the topics we'll be exploring.

Contributing Topic Ideas and Case Studies

⭐️ Issues

Github issues are an open and easy way for you to communicate your suggestions and see what others have aleady shared.

  • To view or create an issue, click on the Issues tab at the top of the repository.
  • Browse the open issues. If there's an exisitng issue that is related to your idea, feel free to add a comment. Hint: Click on the Issue title to view its details and comment
  • Or, open a new issue, add a descriptive title, and leave a comment with the details you'd like to share.

⭐️ Pull Requests

Are you pretty confortable working in Github or just want to learn? That's great, direct contributions to Open in DH are welcome! Here are a few tips for faciliating the Pull Request (PR) process:

  • Make your changes compact, which will allow us to review and merge your contribuitons more quickly.
  • Use a descriptive title.
  • Add some comments to contextualize your contribution.

New to working in Github? No worries, this guide provides a nice overview of contributing to open projects on Github.