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UCI chess GUI
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Eschecs is a free chess playing program, which uses the UCI protocol to dialog with UCI chess engines.

Eschecs includes an original UCI engine called Moustique. Eschecs and Moustique are open source Pascal programs.

I. User's Guide

A. Moving a piece

To move a piece, drag it with the mouse to the target square.

B. Artificial Chess Player

A default chess engine (Fruit or the last engine used) is loaded at application start.

You can select another opponent in a list of chess engines. See the "Moves" menu.

C. Play Mode

The default play mode is user versus computer, user playing white.

If you wish the computer to play white, click on "Computer move".

To play in human versus human mode, unselect the "Autoplay" option in the "Moves" menu.

E. Keyboard Controls

↑   Go to the last position
↓   Go back to the first position
←   Go back to the previous position
→   Go to the next position
ESC Close the application

II. Advanced User's Guide

A. Installation of a new UCI engine.

To install a new engine, you have to edit eschecs.eng. That file stands in the config directory.

B. Protocol.

Eschecs uses the UCI protocol.

For the "go" command, Eschecs uses the following syntax:

go movetime 1000

You can change the value of the parameter by editing eschecs.ini, which stands in the config directory.

III. Programmer's Guide.

A. Compilation

Eschecs is an open source program for the Free Pascal Compiler.

Eschecs uses fpGUI, BGRABitmap and uos libraries.

IV. Credits

The 320 chessboard (with its pieces) is a reproduction of the game Fritz 1.0, a chess program by Mathias Feist, Frans Morsch and Mathias Wüllenweber.

The 640 chessboard is the work of Daniela Di Lena.

The pieces from the 480 chessboard comes from the Chess Mark font. The application icon is the white king of the Chess Montreal font. Chess Alpha is a TrueType font by Eric Bentzen. Chess Condal, Chess Line, Chess Mark are TrueType fonts by Armando Marroquin. Chess Montreal is a TrueType font by Gary Katch.

Fruit 2.1 is a chess program by Fabien Letouzey. Moustique is a UCI engine by Roland Chastain, based on Schachspiel by Jürgen Schlottke and on Mater by Valentin Albillo.

fpGUI is a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal, by Graeme Geldenhuys.

BGRABitmap is a graphics library by Johann Elsass.

uos is a collection of audio libraries with united procedures by Fred van Stappen.

Thanks to John Bennett and to Norbert Raimund Leisner for the Moustique logo, a picture of the Farman F455 Moustique. Thanks to Johann Elsass for his graphical snippets. Thank to Fred van Stappen, for his valuable contribution concerning Unix compatibility, sound, bug fixes, and kind support.

V. Author

Eschecs is a Pascal program by Roland Chastain, with contributions by Johann Elsass and Fred van Stappen.

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