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@rchastain rchastain released this Feb 11, 2020

Fixed castling rule. Fixed configuration file for Linux (CT800 and Little Wing were not installed in previous release).

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@rchastain rchastain released this Jan 9, 2020

New engines: CT800 1.34 (1), Little Wing 0.6.0, N.E.G. 1.2 (2).

(1) Added CT800 for Linux. CT800 for Windows was already included in the previous release.
(2) For Windows only, because Wb2Uci exists only for Windows (and Eschecs doesn't support XBoard protocol). Not had time to build a Win32 binary of N.E.G. 1.3.

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@rchastain rchastain released this Dec 30, 2019

ECO opening names (english only). The data have been extracted from the file ECO.TXT kindly provided by Lokasoft.

New engine included: CT800.

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@rchastain rchastain released this Dec 27, 2019

Italian translation. Thanks to Marcello Basso.

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@rchastain rchastain released this Dec 26, 2019

If the user drags a piece out of the window, the move is aborted.

New engines: Moustique 0.3, Pharaon 3.5.1.

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Nov 30, 2019
Fix bug of piece dropped out of the chessboard

@rchastain rchastain released this Nov 20, 2019

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@rchastain rchastain released this Dec 1, 2018

To install Eschecs, download the file for your system:

-    for FreeBSD 64 bit
-    for Linux 32 bit
-    for Linux 64 bit
- eschecs-4.0.0-rpi32.tar.gz for ARM Raspberry Pi
-    for Windows 32 bit
-    for Windows 64 bit

Uncompress the file and double click on Eschecs executable, for example eschecs32.exe.

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