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Primhill Computers

Survol is a software intelligence tool, made to display everything that runs on a computer.

It is a web interface which lets you navigate on all IT resources on a machine: Applications, databases, files, network connections, libraries, users, remote servers etc… they all become visible with the same ease-of-use. No technical knowledge is necessary. No command line, just clicking on icons.

It is very useful with undocumented systems, spanning many different skills, and perhaps legacy applications. These applications can be so big and complicated, that it is very difficult to have an overview. With Survol, anyone can quickly see what an IT system is doing.

Because it is a very light agent, in pure Python, it can safely run on any machine; So, everyone can follow a project life-cycle from development to production. Everyone can see which software version, which major components are installed and running on a configuration.

The data model is based on semantic web concepts, and industry standards such as CIM and WBEM. Therefore, Survol can easily exchange data with other tools.

It is very modular: You can add your own scripts, to display information specific to your project, mixed with data provided by default.

Survol collects data from a running system, on-demand. It does not slow down a machine by accumulating statistics on a running system, because the quantity of data is so huge that it is useless. Instead, Survol assists an investigation, by letting a user choose the data that are needed.

Survol displays multiple views on the same data: HTML, SVG, D3 JavaScript library and RDF.

More information is available at Primhill Computers web site and an online demo is visible here .

Continuous integration is at: Survol on Travis CI .