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Releases: rchatterjee/typtopcpp

Added OSX prompt for participation

02 Jul 01:45
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For OSX users, added a prompt to ask about consent for participating in the study.

Password length max capped to 128 byte and always padded to that length.

More tests for these.

Fixed logging and uploading issues

23 Jun 16:02
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  • This release fixes the bug in logging (was logging DEBUG information) which could be dangerous.
  • Now the pam config files are changed only if the typtop-auth is in the pam.d directory.
  • Fixed the failing bugs in the travis.
  • SSL cert check bug fixed, also, now the certificate is auto-renewed on the server side.

TypTop updated with more functionalities and control

04 Jun 21:36
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This version adds some new features such as the user can change the typo policy, can choose to opt out from the study or disengage Typtop. Fixed some installation bugs, and the old libcurl issue with Fedora.

Debian based users, RPM users and OSX users can directly download the corresponding binaries and install.
Others have to compile and install.

  • libcurl
  • protobuf
  • cmake, gcc, and make (obviously).

Fixed network issue in Typtop

11 Apr 15:33
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Fixed the bug about the network issue. Added forking on network call, and locking the db while updating. Now one can see the number of typos, the number of allowed typo login through typtop.
NOTE these numbers are pulled from log, and most likely under-sell the story.

TODO: Make them persistent in TypTop header for future.

A faster and safer Typtop

09 Apr 13:37
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Typtop is an adaptive typo-tolerant password checker. This is the first release in its new version completely written in C++. This one is much faster, and much cleaner. I am attaching compiled version for some OSs. Others can compile it manually and install it.

  • The OSX .pkg binary is signed with my Apple ID developer key (purchased with $99!!) but not sure why it still fails to detect it sometimes. If you see the issue of "unidentified developer" please right click on the .pkg file and select open.

  • For Linux users, you have to install libssl4-openssl-dev (or equivalent). I have added this to .deb dependency, but not sure about the name for other distros.