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tl;dr TypToP (pronounced as 'tip-top') is a password checking scheme that learns from your mistakes in typing login password and let you log in to your laptop with small typos.

If you install this software and want to participate in our research study, please fill in this this short survey. Thanks!!

An python version of this is here. I am not acively maintaining that repo, so it might be out of date by now.


For compiling the project from source, you need following libraries.

  • cmake >= 3.6
  • Depends on Google protobuf
  • pam-dev
  • cURL (in debian install libcurl4-openssl-dev)
  • Includes cryptopp, zxcvbn and plog (inside)


For Debian, Fedora, and Mac OSX I have a prebuilt packages. Check out the releases.

Mac OSX users just download .pkg file and double click to install it. (Requires account password.)

For Debian based operating systems, download the .deb package and run the following command to install the package.

$ sudo dpkg -i <typtop-file-name>.deb

Or, you can double click on the downloaded .deb file.

For Fedora (and probably CentOS), download the .rpm package and run the following command

$ sudo rpm -ivh --replacefiles <typtop-file-name>.rpm


$ mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..
$ make  # If this fails, try running cmake again
$ ./test/tests -d yes --rng-seed 254    # To run the tests or "make tests" will work too. 

You can package, or just install directly by running, sudo make install. If you install using make install, don't forget to run, sudo ./script/postinst.

# Installation steps 
$ cd build
$ sudo ./scripts/preinst
$ make install 
$ sudo ./scripts/postinst

There is a useful binary typtop installed in your /usr/local/bin. Try $ typtop and it will show you the options. You can check existing logs, stored typos and other info using this binary. You can also modify some of the config with this binary.

$ typtop
Typtop (1.1)

Usage: typtop [func] [options]
func can be any one of --status, --upload, --mytypos, [and --check]
 --status <username>  # Shows some status info of the binary and typo-correction
 --upload <username>  # Uploads the log to the server. Shouold not need to call it manually
 --mytypos <username> # Show your frequent typos that are cached in the cache
 --mylogs <username>  # Shows the logs (that are not yet uploaded to the server)

 --participate <username> [yes]|no  # Set whether or not you want to participate in the research study. 
                                    # Default: yes
 --allowtypo <username> [yes]|no  # Should typtop all login with typos. Default: yes
 --change-typopolicy <username>   # Change the typo-policy. The command will prompt for user options. 

 --uninstall  # Disengage typtop from the authentications. 
 --install # Install typtop 
typtop --status $USER

TODO: See Todo

Some useful resources