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Croogo Megamenu plugin
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Megamenu Plugin Version 0.1

Megamenu plugin for Croogo

Based on:

This is alpha software.


Configuring the menu is a pain. You need to have the correct value in each link's params field.

Link parameter:

  • container: first level menu items. Mandatory for first level menu items.

    Valid values: [dropdown_1column|dropdown_2columns|dropdown_3columns|dropdown_4_columns|dropdown_5columns]

  • heading: Valid values: [h2|h3]

  • imgpath: relative img path

  • imgclass: Valid values: imgshadow, img_left, img_right

  • blackbox: display description in blackbox

    Valid values: true

  • link: Set to none to hide menu item link

  • description: Description location in respect to item link

    Valid values: [before|after]

  • div: container class

  • list: list class

Known Bugs

There are probably lots of them. Bug reports/pull requests welcome.


Croogo 1.4 -

Good luck and have fun.

-- rchavik

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