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dexterity is a C library intended for manipulation and analysis of DEX files. It has python bindings for all basic DEX structures and most of the manipulation functions.

WARNING: This library is still in it's early stages of development, use at your own risk!



The following example parses a DEX file using the built-in parser and then writes a new DEX file from the parsed structures in memory.


from dx.dex import Dex

dex = Dex("classes.dex")"mirror.dex")
Add String

The following example parses a DEX file, add a string to it, creates a new DEX file with the modifications and fix the signature and checksum of the new file.


from dx.dex import Dex
from dx.hash import update_signature
from dx.hash import update_checksum

dex = Dex("classes.dex")
dex.add_string("Hello World")"hello.dex")


For more examples of other usages of the library, check the examples folder.


dexterity is released under BSD 3-clause license. Please check LICENSE for more details.


For questions and/or suggestions, join #droidsec on Freenode.