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MetaTrader4 (MQL4) compile for Sublime Text 3
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MetaTrader4 (MQL4) compile for Sublime Text 3

sublimeMQL4compile compiles MQL4(MetaTrader4) by a SublimeText 3. And an error log is indicated automatically.



All files with which I deal by a MetaEditor (.mq4 , .mqh) can be compiled. It's also possible to compile the file which imported .dll and .ex4.


Installation procedure

  1. After whether it's installed in gitclorn downloads a zip file, a zip file is defrosted.

  2. The place a sublimeMQL4compile folder establishes is in the <Your>\<setting>\Sublime Text 3\Packages\ directory.

※ It doesn't correspond to Package Control for the moment.



  1. sublimeMQL4compile.sublime-settings filing in the sublimeMQL4compile directory is held.

  2. A complete path of its metaeditor.exe is input to a "compiler_path" space.

Initialization is below.

    "compiler_path": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\MetaTrader 4\\metaeditor.exe"

The PATH input when using Wine by Mac and Linux. (I'm not inspecting.)

    "compiler_path": "/home/<Your Name>/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/MetaTrader 4/metaeditor.exe"


How to use

  • Shortcutkey : [ Ctrl + 4 ]


  • A Control Panel is opened. It's input to a Control Panel with mql. MQL4 Compile shown to a Control Panel is chosen and carried out.





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