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Added step-by-step running instructions for OS X

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@@ -7,3 +7,16 @@ This is a hunt the wumpus clone with each of the caverns implemented as function
Once you have determined which chamber the wumpus is in, call the `shoot` function with the symbol of the chamber the wumpus is in.
The game is played in IRB. Execute `./wumpus` in the directory to clear the screen and play the game.
+Step-by-Step Execution Instructions
+Running Mac OS X, open up your terminal (**Macintosh HD** → **Applications** → **Utilities** → **Terminal**). Type in
+ cd ~/Downloads/Hunt-the-Wumpus
+and press enter (assuming you downloaded this to your downloads folder). Type in
+ ./wumpus
+and you should be running the app.

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