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Simple IRC Bots

Running the bots

These bots require the following things:

  • Ruby
  • SQLite 3 (rubygems required to install the library)

Ruby can be installed from the many packages available at If you are running a linux distribution with a package manager, you can install it from the command line. Be sure to also install rubygems so that you can grab the sqlite3 ruby library.

Installing SQLite3 under Ubuntu 10.04

Installing sqlite3 under ubuntu can be fairly difficult. You can follow these steps (assuming you have ruby installed). This can be run as a shell script.

sudo apt-get install libsqlite3 libsqlite3-ruby
sudo gem install sqlite3

Running the bots

These bots can be run by executing them. They should already have the execute flag set.


However, windows users will need to explicitly invoke the ruby interpreter.

ruby carbon.rb

Creating a new bot

If you want to create a new bot, start by creating a new branch off of the IRC branch. This will give you a clean working environment with just the lastest IRC and IRCBot classes. Subcless the IRCBot class, and override the IRCBot#name and IRCBot#fullname methods. Then, override IRCBot#handle_server_msg method to respond to messages from the server.