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<title>Resume |</title>
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<h1>RC Howe</h1>
<div id = "content" class = "resume">
<div>Robert Howe<br />
27 Birch Hill Road<br />
Stow, MA, 01775<br />
<a href = "tel:5083141715">+1 (508) 314-1715</a>
<p>I am a college student at the <a href = "">University of Vermont</a>, studying Biochemistry and Computer Science. To see some projects I have worked on, visit my GitHub page (<a href = ""></a>).</p>
<dl class = "experience">
<dt class = "date">2012&mdash;Present</dt>
<dt class = "title"><em>Massachusetts General Hospital</em></dt>
<dt class = "subtitle">Intern, Cancer Research</dt>
<dd>I am an intern in a division of the pathology service doing cancer genomics research. I have automated a bioinformatics pipeline and developed software for data extraction from highly dimensional sequencing microscopy images.</dd>
<dt class = "date">2012</dt>
<dt class = "title"><em>Knome, Inc</em></dt>
<dt class = "subtitle">Intern, Competitive Analysis. Cambridge, MA</dt>
<dd>I wrote competitive analysis briefs about competing genomics companies.</dd>
<dt class = "date">2010&mdash;2011</dt>
<dt class = "title"><em>Intel Corporation</em> through BEC</dt>
<dt class = "subtitle">Intern, Factory Automation. Hudson, MA</dt>
<dd>I participated in factory support operations including fixing broken factory computers, reimaging computers, and scripting operations which had previously been manually performed.</dd>
<dt class = "date">2009&mdash;2010</dt>
<dt class = "title"><em>Yankee Group Research</em></dt>
<dt class = "subtitle">Intern, Information Technology. Boston, MA.</dt>
<dd>I performed tasks such as migrating a sharepoint server to <em>Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0</em>, work with MS-SQL datbases, and fixing computers.</dd>
<div class = "skills">
<h3>Programming Languages</h3>
<p>C, C++, C#, CoffeeScript, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby</p>
<p>AJAX, CSS, DataMapper, iOS, JSON, REST, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, SQL (T-SQL, MySQL, Postgres), XML</p>
<h3>Operating Systems</h3>
<p>Linux (Primarily Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Windows 7</p>
<p>CPR Certified &mdash; Professional Rescuer</p>
<dl class = "education">
<dt class = "date">Expected 2015</dt>
<dt>University of Vermont &mdash; <i>College of Agriculture and Life Sciences</i></dt>
<dd><b>Bachelor of Science</b>, Major in Biochemistry.</dd>
<dt class = "date">Expected 2015</dt>
<dt>University of Vermont &mdash; <i>College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences</i></dt>
<dd><b>Bachelor of Science in Computer Science</b>, Major in Computer Science.</dd>
<dt class = "date">2011</dt>
<dt>Nashoba Regional High School</dt>
<dd><b>High School Diploma</b>.</dd>
<div class = "column">
<li><a href = "/courses.html">Courses</a></li>
<li><a href = "">Twitter</a></li>
<li><a href = "/key.html">GPG Key</a></li>
<div class = "column">
<h2>My Work</h2>
<li><a href = "/resume.html">R&eacute;sum&eacute;</a></li>
<li><a href = "">GitHub</a></li>