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TextSQL is a way of querying text files (csv, tsv) files using SQLite queries. The script loads the file into an in-memory SQLite3 database, and then runs arbitrary commands on it.

The script is used like this:

$ textsql file.tsv

The tool is usable on any number of files, so long as they share the same delimiters. The first file is loaded into the table file1, the second is loaded into file2, and so on. By default each column is numbered V1, V2, and so on, however if you want to substitute your own headers you can specify them in a special way:

$ textsql file.tsv:header1,header2

This will give the file the headers header1, and header2. If a third column exists, it will be labed V3. Additionally, if the headers should be taken from the first line of the file instead:

$ textsql 'file.tsv:*'

This reads the headers from the first line of the file.


Say you have a TSV file called people.tsv

name	occupation	transportation
Robert	Intern	Prius
Barack	President	Motorcade
Barack	President	Helicopter

To get a list of the people who are president, you can run the following command:

$ textsql 'people.tsv:*' -c "select distinct name from file1 where occupation = 'President'"

This returns


If you had a larger query you wanted to execute, you can feed it in through stdin as:

$ textsql 'people.tsv:*' < query.sql