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A Pokedex that will contain all 807 pokemon from the Pokemon series. Created in Vue.js
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To learn a new JS language alongside another frontend framework similar to Bootstrap.

Future of this project

It was a great three weeks working on this. I learned a lot and overcame a few challenges. I know for a fact that I would love to keep this pokedex up-to-date whenever possible, so I am open-sourcing this project to anyone.

Recent Update

  • Added more pokemons from Ultra Sun and Moon
  • You can now ask questions like Who is the fastest?

Updating to v2

For version 2, I plan on doing the following:

  • Expanding the API to include more data
  • Break up the API data into smaller chucks
  • Redesign the current UI of the pokemon page
  • Add unit tests to calculating methods
  • Make it mobile-friendly (if possible with Chart.js)

To improve performance, I will be just using a json within the static file. In addition, I will be rewriting the frontend again to make it more clean and and reuseable.

Languages/Framework/Database used

  • Vue.js
  • Bulma
  • Python
  • MongoDB

Challenges I faced

  1. Searching multiple categories

One of the issues I faced within my search function is how to search through the data based on a number like 2. I been stuck on this problem for about a day. As I am still unfamilar with Vue.js, I thought that there was a way to filter out the data strictly using an int. I first attempted it using:

return this.pokemonList.filter(pokemon => { 
				return (pokemon.nDex.indexOf( >= 0);

but it ended being an error. My next attempt was google it. I came upon an answer on stack overflow which has them using .includes(). I tried that and did not work. It also turns out that .includes() was removed in version 2 of Vuejs. My third attempt which was successful was to just think of integer as a string instead. So when I type in a number into the search bar, it will automatically be converted to a string. To do that, I used .toString(). If you are wondering how the code looks like, it would look like this:

return this.pokemonList.filter(pokemon => { 
				return (pokemon.nDex.toString().indexOf( >= 0);

Now my search functionality works perfectly and I can search through multiple categories like nDex, name and even type! What I learned from this challenge I faced is if you cannot find an answer via google, think of how you would write this in another language.

  1. Using x-template

As I decided to learn how to use templates instead, I had to slightly change my code in the HTML side for the modal to pop up. Unfornately I keep getting errors such as Property or method is not defined on the instance but referenced during render. My initial thought is that the method call is out of scope as it was in pokedex and not poke-table. After some searching, it turns out that x-template was the problem itself. Apparently you are supposed to put it in a new variable and call that variable when you want to use it as a Vue template. So it would look like this:

var pokeTable = {
	template: '#poke-table',
	props: {
		data: Array,
		columns: Array,
		filterKey: String

	data: function() {
		var sortOrders = {}
		this.columns.forEach(function(key) {
			sortOrders[key] = 1
		return {
			sortKey: '',
			sortOrders: sortOrders

	computed: {...}

Vue.component('poke-table', pokeTable);
  1. Easily forgotten mistake

Within the input field, I can enter a number and it would be used to calculate the pokemon's stats. However one problem I faced is when I wanted to change the level of the pokemon... let's say from 1 to 100, my HP stat would skyrocket to the 10000s. After about 10 minutes of checking out my JS code, I realized that I made a very forgetful and common mistake. I thought that the number I input would be of type Int, however it is actually of type String. I fixed this by surround the value with parseInt() to make it of type Int.

  1. Finding websites to scrape

One of the hugest issues I have when I am trying to scape for data is trying to find a perfect site with all of the stats I needed. I found three which are worthy, which are Bulbapedia, Serebii and Smogon. Bulbapedia was the easiest to scrape. If I was not using Bulbapedia I would had use Serebii. Smogon had all of the tier information which I needed, BUT it was a pain in the ass to scrape. I kind of wish there was already an API or another site that included tiers (AG, Uber, OU etc.) as part of their data.

For the future, I plan on building a better scraper so I do not need to manually go through all of the data to ensure that I did not skip one.

Bugs that needs to be fix

  • When opening up the modal. The initial value is set to the previous stats of another Pokemon when hovering closely
    • Fixed using variableOfChart.destroy();
  • Stats would constantly change every time you click "update" to the past duplicate pokemon
    • This is due the json not having an unique id. All you need to do is create one and it will fix this problem

How to run

To install of the NPM modules, enter code below on terminal:

npm install

Note: For nodemon, you may need to run it as npm install -g nodemon

To run locally, set up the mongoDB instance first by entering: mongod then open up another terminal tab. Go to the pokeScraper directory by entering cd ./pokeScraper then import the pokedex.json file into the DB using:

mongoimport --jsonArray --db DATABASENAME --collection COLLECTIONNAME --file pokedex.json

Note: Use mongopokedex.json if you wish to import it to a database like mLabs

If you wish to export it from your local mongoDB, enter this command into the terminal:

mongoexport --db DATABASENAME --collection COLLECTIONNAME --out NAME.json

Lastly, run:

npm start

Note: Implement your own MONGODB_URI variable!

Resources I used to learn


Pokemon is created by Ishihara Tsunekazu and belongs to The Pokémon Company. I used Pokemon images for educational learning purposes.

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