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D3 Reusable Line Chart

This implementation uses d3 v3. Upgrade to v4 to come.

The D3 Reusable Line Chart was created while at Spotfund to display time series information about Key Performance Indicators.

It can take any type of data in a time series, so long as the first column is the date.

The chart loads data from a JSON API, but can easily be modified to load data from any source.

##How to Use the Chart

margin = {top: 30, right: 30, bottom: 100, left: 80}
width = 960
height = 540
url = ''
div = 'div.container'
fields = ['date', 'y1', 'y2', ..., 'yN']

// load initial data
chart = createChart(margin, width, height, url, div, fields)

// change field from y1 to yI

url = ''
// load new data from API

##Bells and Whistles The best part of the line chart, aside from its dynamic loading of data, is its less-noticeable features. They make the graph look sharper.

  • tooltips - each data point displays a tooltip on mouseover
  • quick-changing fields - change displayed data without reloading data from a new file
  • dynamic y-axis label and title - y-axis and chart title change on data change
  • trend line - a trend line that can be turned off by calling chart.removeTrendLine(), and added back by calling chart.addTrendLine(). Default is on. The two functions enable you to easily make the trend line toggleable.

##Recommended Use The line chart is best used with dropdown buttons to choose date ranges and fields that you want loaded. The fields button would ideally call chart.updateFromLocal(i), and the date ranges would call chart.updateFromDB(url)

The following margins are best suited for accomodating the titles and axis labels: margin = {top: 30, right: 30, bottom: 100, left: 80} If you plan on placing your chart inside a container div, you can make it always fit inside of the div by setting width and height to:

width = parseInt($('div.content.container').css('width'), 10) - margin.left - margin.right - 20,
height = parseInt($('div.content.container').css('width'), 10)*0.60 - - margin.bottom;

The CSS file includes basic styling, and can be easily changed to fit the look you want.


a reusable time series line chart with a few nice features




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