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#! /bin/sh
# This file becomes the install section of the generated spec file.
/usr/bin/env python2.6 install --root=${RPM_BUILD_ROOT} --record="INSTALLED_FILES"
# Sort the filelist so that directories appear before files. This avoids
# duplicate filename problems on some systems.
touch DIRS
for i in `cat INSTALLED_FILES`; do
if [ -f ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/$i ]; then
echo $i >>FILES
if [ -d ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/$i ]; then
echo %dir $i >>DIRS
# Make sure we match foo.pyo and foo.pyc along with (but only once each)
sed -e "/\.py[co]$/d" -e "s/\.py$/.py*/" DIRS FILES >INSTALLED_FILES