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SensorNode-client application for IOTA.
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SensorNode-client application for IOTA.

Either data is being pushed to Tangle or send as Masked Authenticated Message, or both.

(Image by Wyn Tiedmers)


Clone this repository:

git clone

Install node_modules:

cd SensorNode/
npm install

Install mam.node.js:

cd node_modules/
git clone

Creating streams:

You can create streamobjects with the following parameters:

Parameter Function Default
host (Remote-) node we're connecting to.
port Iota-api port on the node. 14265
id Identifies the streamobject. "SensorNode"
location Nodes location, eg. 'lat': 52.26 'lng': 13.42. {'lat': 40.65, 'lng': -73.91}
seed Seed for creating transactions/MAM-messages. [generated]
rec Receiving address (tanglestream only). "GPB9PBNCJTPGF..."
tag Tag for Transactions (tanglestream only). "SENSORNODEROCKS"
depth Depth for tip-selection (tanglestream only). 3
wait Discards packets till the current packet has been send. true
fetch Enable continuous fetching from MAM-root when multiple nodes stream from the same seed (mamstream only). false

First Stream (TANGLE):

streams.push(new STREAM ({
  'host': 'http://[remote node / localhost]',
  'port':  [port]



Second Stream (MAM):

streams.push(new MAM_STREAM ({
  'host': 'http://[remote node / localhost]',
  'port':  [port]



Add data sources

Data sources are (async) functions which return the data you want to stream, eg:

async function functionFoo () {
	return await;
async function functionBar () {
	return await;

Cool! Whats next?

Run with npm start [delay] where delay specifies a timeout between each push (default 60 seconds).

Thats it. Have fun providing data over the iota protocol. ;)

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