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Welcome to GiD+OpenSees interface wiki

GiD+OpenSees Interface introduces a long-awaited full graphical interface for the popular open source finite element software OpenSees by seamlessly connecting its text-only environment to the general graphical pre/post processor GiD. It is available as an add-on (aka problemtype) for GiD and delivered as open source, under the GNU General Public License.

The interface currently provides a comprehensive set of materials and 1D / 2D / 3D elements for linear / nonlinear static and dynamic analysis. It can also manage multiple model domains (sets of elements with different number of DOFs), for easy modeling of soil-structure interaction (SSI) problems.

Documents in PDF

Table of contents

  • Getting Started - Start using the GiD+OpenSees Interface
  • Features - What is included in the latest version
  • Examples - Various examples and video tutorials
  • Verification - Verification examples and comparisons with other software

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