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  • cd you into your dev directory
  • reset db/structure.sql file if this file is the only one modified (Rails purposes)
  • show status
  • ask you to confirm: y to continue, n or anything to abort
  • commit all changes with docto-wip as message
  • checkout new branch
  • pull with rebase
  • reset last commit if its name is docto-wip
  • show status
  • execute bundle install (Rails purposes)
  • execute db:migrate (Rails purposes)


Create configuration and alias in ~/.bashrc:

export DEV_ROOT_PATH=~/dev/my-dev-directory
export BASH_SCRIPTS_PATH=~/dev/bash-scripts
source "${BASH_SCRIPTS_PATH}/"

Reload bash configuration:

source ~/.bashrc

Use it:

# checkout to a local branch
checkout BRANCH_NAME

# checkout to a remote branch
checkout BRANCH_NAME -f
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