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package fs
import (
// Dir describes an unspecialized directory for directory/container/bucket lists
type Dir struct {
remote string // name of the directory
modTime time.Time // modification or creation time - IsZero for unknown
size int64 // size of directory and contents or -1 if unknown
items int64 // number of objects or -1 for unknown
id string // optional ID
// NewDir creates an unspecialized Directory object
func NewDir(remote string, modTime time.Time) *Dir {
return &Dir{
remote: remote,
modTime: modTime,
size: -1,
items: -1,
// NewDirCopy creates an unspecialized copy of the Directory object passed in
func NewDirCopy(ctx context.Context, d Directory) *Dir {
return &Dir{
remote: d.Remote(),
modTime: d.ModTime(ctx),
size: d.Size(),
items: d.Items(),
id: d.ID(),
// String returns the name
func (d *Dir) String() string {
return d.remote
// Remote returns the remote path
func (d *Dir) Remote() string {
return d.remote
// SetRemote sets the remote
func (d *Dir) SetRemote(remote string) *Dir {
d.remote = remote
return d
// ID gets the optional ID
func (d *Dir) ID() string {
// SetID sets the optional ID
func (d *Dir) SetID(id string) *Dir { = id
return d
// ModTime returns the modification date of the file
// It should return a best guess if one isn't available
func (d *Dir) ModTime(ctx context.Context) time.Time {
if !d.modTime.IsZero() {
return d.modTime
return time.Now()
// Size returns the size of the file
func (d *Dir) Size() int64 {
return d.size
// SetSize sets the size of the directory
func (d *Dir) SetSize(size int64) *Dir {
d.size = size
return d
// Items returns the count of items in this directory or this
// directory and subdirectories if known, -1 for unknown
func (d *Dir) Items() int64 {
return d.items
// SetItems sets the number of items in the directory
func (d *Dir) SetItems(items int64) *Dir {
d.items = items
return d
// Check interfaces
var (
_ DirEntry = (*Dir)(nil)
_ Directory = (*Dir)(nil)
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