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package fs
import (
// MimeTypeFromName returns a guess at the mime type from the name
func MimeTypeFromName(remote string) (mimeType string) {
mimeType = mime.TypeByExtension(path.Ext(remote))
if !strings.ContainsRune(mimeType, '/') {
mimeType = "application/octet-stream"
return mimeType
// MimeType returns the MimeType from the object, either by calling
// the MimeTyper interface or using MimeTypeFromName
func MimeType(ctx context.Context, o ObjectInfo) (mimeType string) {
// Read the MimeType from the optional interface if available
if do, ok := o.(MimeTyper); ok {
mimeType = do.MimeType(ctx)
// Debugf(o, "Read MimeType as %q", mimeType)
if mimeType != "" {
return mimeType
return MimeTypeFromName(o.Remote())
// MimeTypeDirEntry returns the MimeType of a DirEntry
// It returns "inode/directory" for directories, or uses
// MimeType(Object)
func MimeTypeDirEntry(ctx context.Context, item DirEntry) string {
switch x := item.(type) {
case Object:
return MimeType(ctx, x)
case Directory:
return "inode/directory"
return ""
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