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onedrive: note 50,000 files is limit for one directory #2707

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ncw committed Nov 11, 2018
1 parent 96a0551 commit 84202c7471cbade9bc5d0e6c13fd3696648a86b3
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@@ -244,6 +244,11 @@ in it will be mapped to `?` instead.

The largest allowed file size is 10GiB (10,737,418,240 bytes).

OneDrive seems to be OK with at least 50,000 files in a folder, but at
100,000 rclone will get errors listing the directory like `couldn’t
list files: UnknownError:`. See
[#2707]( for more info.

### Versioning issue ###

Every change in OneDrive causes the service to create a new version.

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