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Linux Live USB Creator

A fork of Thibaut Lauzièr's Linux Live USB Creator, obtained from image


This project aims to bring bug fixes and improvements to Linux Live USB Creator. The following are changes I've made or likely to make. Feedback is appreciated within the discord server linked above.



  • Convert HotKeySet to GUISetAccelerators to not hijack entire keys system wide (Not viable at this time.)
  • Get CI working for dev builds
  • Improve executiable resources to allow LiLi to be a single executible instead of an executible and extra files.
    • Convert GUI Image creation calls to detect if compiled and use internal resources from #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add / #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add
      • GUICtrlCreateGraphic / GUICtrlSetGraphic
      • GUICtrlCreateIcon
      • GUICtrlCreatePic
      • GUICtrlSetImage
      • GUISetIcon
      • TraySetIcon / TraySetPauseIcon
      • _GDIPlus_ImageLoadFromFile
    • Add Themeing ability back by detecting a /theme/ directory, or similar
    • Upscale GUI resources for those on High Scaling, High DPI monitors Moved to 2.11
      • Disable HiDPI mode
    • FileInstall or FileWrite needed .cfg files (Included in
    • Update tools in tools folder
      • Update Executables
      • Update Licenses
      • Check for incompatibilities/changes
  • Improve Windows 10 handling
    • Update @OSVersion calls
    • Check for other issues/conflicts
  • Update contact information within files to not bother the old developer
    • Convert Emails to Discord Links
    • Have bug reports generate a github issue
  • Update updater check GitHub for updates
    • Check for Releases
    • Check for Pre-Releases



  • Improve distro compatibility
    • Add popular distros that may not have been listed
      • If possible, list popular distros from TorrentWatch/Other Service automatically
        • "Surprise Me" Style Install Option for a random distro??? (Feedback Wanted)
    • Add torrent file fetching for distro downloading
    • Include information such as syslinux versions in a definitions file
      • Allow defintions file to be updated/downloaded separately
    • Use common download paths to allow any distro version to be downloaded
    • Use common locations of CRC/SHA values to validate downloads instead of hard coded values (#1)
      • Validate SHA values using their GPG keys (if available)
        • Warn but allow continuation if offline
        • Warn but allow continuation if no GPG verification
        • Warn but DO NOT allow continuation if SHA and ISO do not match (Feedback Wanted)
        • Warn but DO NOT allow continuation if SHA and GPG key do not match

Compiling from Source

  • git clone rcmaehl/LinuxLiveUSBCreator
  • Install the latest AutoIt Version
  • Install the complete SciTE Editor
  • Run SciTE as Administrator to be able to see logging
  • Navigate to sources/lili/
  • Open "LiLi USB Creator.au3" and press F7 to compile