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A Tool to Redirect News, Search, Widgets, Weather and More to Your Default Browser


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A Tool to Redirect News, Search, Widgets, Weather, and More to Your Default Browser

This tool filters and passes the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser instead of hooking into the microsoft-edge: handler, this should provide resiliency against future changes. Additionally, an Image File Execution Options mode is available to operate similarly to the Old EdgeDeflector. Additional modes are planned for future versions.

No Default App walkthrough or other steps, just set and forget.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: MSEdgeRedirect is still BETA. Changes are to be expected, and performance to be improved.

Recommended Alternatives

Looking for Alternatives? Check Out This Chart
Not looking for Extra Features? Try @AveYo's ChrEdgeFckOff
Looking to Disable Web Search Entirely? Try @krlvm's BeautySearch


Download Stable (GitHub) Download Testing (GitHub)

Package Managers

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Chocolatey package Scoop package winget package
choco install msedgeredirect scoop bucket add extras
scoop install msedgeredirect
winget install MSEdgeRedirect


  1. Download and run "AutoIt Full Installation" from official website.
  2. Get the source code either by downloading zip or do git clone
  3. Right click on MSEdgeRedirect.au3 in the MSEdgeRedirect directory and select "Compile Script (x64) (or x86 if you have 32 bit Windows install).
  4. This will create MSEdgeRedirect.exe in the same directory.

System Requirements

  Minimum Requirements Recommended
OS Windows 8.1 Latest Windows 11 Build
CPU 32-bit Single Core 64-bit Dual Core or Higher
RAM (Memory) 40MB Free 100MB Free
Disk (Storage) 5MB Free 100MB Free


See for rules of coding and pull requests.


MSEdgeRedirect is free and open source software, it is using the LGPL-3.0 license.

See LICENSE for the full license text.


MSEdgeRedirect isn't listed in the "How do you want to open this?" Menu?

Select the Featured Microsoft Edge. MSEdgeRedirect will still properly function.

Will MSEdgeRedirect work with Edge uninstalled?

MSEdgeRedirect is compatible with @AveYo's Edge Removal as it retains a needed component. If Edge was removed using another method, reinstall Edge Stable, then run AveYo's tool. After AveYo's Edge Removal has been run, simply install MSEdgeRedirect and it will be detected automatically.

It isn’t working for me?

Run microsoft-edge: using the Windows + R keys. If that is not properly redirected, file a bug report!

Will searches inside <app name here> still use Bing?

MSEdgeRedirect only redirects links that attempt to open in MS Edge. It will not affect results generated within other applications.

Can you change Bing results to Google Results?

Yes, as of, you can select One of 8 available Search Engines, or set your own!

How do I uninstall?

Normal Installs

Regular Install Corrupted Install
Use Programs and Features Cleanup Tool

Package Managers

Chocolatey Scoop Winget
choco uninstall msedgeredirect scoop uninstall msedgeredirect winget uninstall MSEdgeRedirect